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Audfly Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker

Audfly L is a wide range and powerful directional sound loudspeaker designed for use in billboards and digital signage in shopping malls and more. It is usually wall mounted and can reach great distances.


Audfly Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker




Maximum Sound Pressure Level (Volume)

[email protected]/1KHz

Directivity Angle


Frequency Range


Rated Power


Input Sensitivity

1 Vrms

Max Input


Input Interface

3.5mm AUX/RCA

Power Requirements

24V DC/3A




2.45 kg

Installed Accessories

75*75mm Universal Bracket

Surface Treatment/Color


Matching Power Amplifier Size


Status Indicator

Power Signal

Power Adapter

(Input) 110-220Vac 50/60Hz  (Output) 24V DC/3A



Functions of Audfly Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker

Flexible Install Type: Ceiling mounted and Wall mounted or based on clients’ demand.

Applicable to Multiple Scenarios: Almost all the scenarios you need for audio directive transmission usage, such as exhibition, museum or supermarket, etc.

Super Directional Transmission: Create focused audio zones in certain area without increasing the overall ambient noise level.


Audfly Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker Specification

Fsc2-Lh Polar Pattern

Fsc2-Lh Polar Pattern

Fsc-Lh Frequency Response

Fsc-Lh Frequency Response

Accessories of Audfly Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker



Power Adapter

Power Adapter

Power Cable

Power Cable

Universal Bracket

Universal Bracket


The Technical Principle of Ultrasonic Directional Sound Transmission

High-directivity audible sound is generated by the nonlinear interaction of ultrasonic waves in the air, that is, the sound signal is controlled to propagate in a high-direction manner within a specified range & angle.

For sound waves to have directivity, the conditions need to be met: the wavelength of the sound waves is close to or even much smaller than the size of the sound source. Therefore, the sound waves emitted by the ultrasonic transducer have directivity.