Automatic EPS Foam block Moulding Machine

EPS block moulding machine, also known as automatic EPS foam ICF block moulding machine, it is a horizontal EPS block forming machine, can be used for insulation concrete form. Using this EPS molding machine, EPS blocks of different sizes can be obtained efficiently and easily. 

EPS block moulding machine application

The EPS block machine applies PLC and touch screen with advanced molding technique can produce various shapes of EPS products, the vacuum and hydraulic system can increase molding speed and reduce cooling time.


EPS automatic cement block moulding machine features

1. This EPS foam block moulding machine adopts PLC programmable controller and touch human-machine interface control, automatic feeding, automatic control feeding process, has formed a complete guarantee automatic cycle of production equipment.excellent quality EPS automatic cement block moulding machine

2. This EPS machine use high quality square tube and welded steel and other groups, each template through heat treatment and after assembly of small deformation, strength and durability.excellent quality eps automatic cement block moulding machine

3. This EPS block molding machine uses a unique heat  penetration of advanced foreign EPS moulding process, penetrating ability, good adhesion, good product quality, significant energy saving features.

4. Adopts PLC(Japan Mitsubishi) and touch screen (French Schneider) with easily operation;

5. Equipped with material level sensor for control the filling, the block cooling is controlled by foam pressure sensor, EPS block machine realizes the filling, heating, cooling and open block mould, the whole working procedure automatically.