Automatic PET Bottle Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Injection stretch blow molding machine combines stretch and blow molding techniques, produces top-tier, transparent, and lightweight bottles ideal for beverages and liquid products. From preform loading to the final container, bottle injection molding machine ensures efficient and versatile production, meeting the demands of modern industries.

Injection stretch blow molding machine applications

One step injection stretch blow molding machine is used for Plastic PET / PP / PC / TRITAN / PCTG cosmetic bottle, sport water bottle, chemical bottles, medicine bottles with 10ml to 5L capacity.


Injection stretch blow molding machine characteristics

Automatic production, no need to remove burrs, no need to transport preform, greatly save raw material and labor costs.

No need secondary heating preform,along with energy saving energy saving system, can save about 30% power.

Preform forming& bottle blowing are completed in one machine, to avoid preform in the process of transportation and pollution.

Bottle screw size of neck and bottle parting line are perfect, bottle is stronger.

Injection stretch blow moulding machine is compact, from the raw material to the finished product,  it can reduce equipment investment cost greatly and save workshop space (machine and bottle preform storage space).

Stable mechanical operation and low noise.

PET molding machine with a built-in error detection and alarm system, and display in the manipulation of the screen.

Machine production capacity from 5ml to 5000ml, from PET, PETG, TRITAN/PCTG, PP, PC. Only one injection blow molding machine can meet the needs of all kinds of material.