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Axial External Pressure Type Ripple Compensator

Axial External Pressure Type Ripple Compensator

Product Description

TWY axial type external pressure bellows compensator is composed of bellows bearing external pressure, outer tube and end ring and other structural parts, absorbing axial displacement but can not bear the bellows pressure thrust.

Purpose: the external pressure corrugated compensator mainly absorbs the axial displacement, has the advantages of large compensation amount, good heat preservation performance, and can eliminate the residual medium.

Model: Our company produces DN32-DN1600

Pressure level: 0.1Mpa-2.5Mpa

Connection mode: 1, flange connection type 2, connecting type

Axial compensation: 18mm-400mm

Precautions for installation of external pressure bellows compensator: for the bellows compensator with flow direction sign, the medium flow direction arrow should be consistent with the medium flow direction during installation.The installation deviation of the pipe cannot be compensated by adjusting the metal expansion joint. It is necessary to adjust the piping system to match the metal expansion joint.