Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan is one of the beautiful destinations that serve as a reminder of the true meaning of cultural authenticity. Best known to the world for propagating “Gross National Happiness”. It is one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world with a stunning wealth of flora and wildlife. The unexplored Himalayan Kingdom has concentrated its efforts to preserve every element of its unique cultural identity. Architectural regulations demand traditional woodwork and craftsmanship on every home built. A Bhutanese citizen is required by law to put on the traditional clothing, the Gho and the Kira, whenever entering a building housing a government office, a school, or a college. The nation of Bhutan actively strives to prevent external influences while also maximizing the economic advantages of tourism. For the best Bhutan tour packages, book a tour package for the best deals and curated itinerary at Trinetra Tours.