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Best Business Bank Accounts in The UK

Although a vast number of banks offer corporate bank accounts, they are not all like that. Business account has its own characteristics, benefits and drawbacks, so you’ll have to look for them until you file. Every bank account has its own characteristics, advantages and drawbacks, so before you apply with your company account at last, you must study them. This article is a guidance document for corporate owners of a company whose legal entity is distinct from the owner or group of owners for selecting best business bank accounts in the UK.


In 2017, Cash plus won Pay before ‘s Top Challenger Bank prize. The prize is awarded to banks that have always been the best of customer service. Cashplus points to its swift online payments, digital operation, innovative new goods and its tradition of eliminating maintenance charges to its consumers.

Pros of dealings with CashPlus  

Rapid web data delivery

·        Automatic framework using the new tools for accounting

·        No credit checks needed

·        Company Mastercard packaging

·        Quick consent; use it when you have been accepted immediately

·        Services for fast and secure payment method.

·        Manage your account 24 hours a day from your smartphone app or custodial online help.


Barclays is also one of the UK’s biggest customer satisfaction accounts. Barclays will allocate a portion of the monthly fee on your account with a calculation that measures your term and credit retention per year. On general, the payout rate ranges from 5% to 50 % of the overall monthly bill. 

Pros of dealings with Barclays

·        Customer service for queries, questions and feedback management

·        Price policies specific to each company form

·        Coalition insurance coverage

·        There would be no fee on the financial purchases for those who want the Payments Package

·        Broad selection of consumer goods and services

·        Market assessment funded by the organization to determine whether you have signed the correct contract

·        Moving unit committed

·        For council housing and agriculture enterprises special systems are offered.

·        The long-term consumer satisfaction value


HSBC is not only one of the UK’s largest banks. It is now one of the world’s leading commercial banks. You will use a 12-month promotional quote, where all bank costs and penalties are waived, if you intend to bank with HSBC. Upon conclusion of the promotional phase, the consumer will have an option of 2 corporate banking services incorporating free transfers and fixed maintenance costs. There are free internet transfers available under the Electronic Banking Tariff but a minimal charge is charged for cash purchases. A nominal premium on cash purchases is paid and internet trading is imposed by the Small Business Tariff. The bank proposes a start-up cycle of 18 months for start-ups.

Pros of dealings with HSBC

·        Multiple banking services access points

·        Large network of post office branches •

·        Free period of introduction between 12 and 18 months.

·        Companies producing GBP 2 million in turnover will be eligible for the HSBC Best Tariff Pledge

·         Set pricing deal for 12 months’ post-introduction

·        Available Market Analysts’ consulting

·         Face-to – face company reviews are available

·        HSBC will offer trade advice to firms with foreign activities


Santander is a multi-awarded company and a division of Banco Santander, one of the world’s most established brands in the field. Santander banking is simple and realistic. The bank has a straightforward payment system ranging from GBP 7.50 to GBP 40, with the cap of GBP 1000 to GBP 10,000 on a cash deposit per month. Normal cash withdrawal, transfers and Cheques purchases usually require no costs, though some limitations can exist. The related fees are paid for non-standard banking activities such as purchases by CHAPS, shift and exchange rate.

Pros of dealings with Santander

·        Online calculator functionality so that you can review the registration costs with your bank

·        Payment system straightforward and quick to follow

·        Online and social banking platforms are available

·        Bank choice for your divisions of the postal service

·        Low monthly credit balance interest of 0.10 gross percent

Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland, one of the oldest banks in the UK, is member of the Lloyd’s Banking Group. It was formed in 1695. Bank of Scotland provides numerous goods and services like credit / debit cards, savings and loans. You can use the online bank current account tool to calculate out what rates to taxes are, if you are considering about banking with Bank of Scotland but are unaware of the costs.

Pros of dealings with Bank of Scotland

·        Access to a diverse variety of banking and financial services

·        System of valuations simple to understand

·        The company information package – a selection of web publications and authoritative papers on market-related matters

·        Money redemption without an ATM

·        Customer support through various points of contact – mobile, in-house and online. Electronic purchases free of taxes and costs

·        A specialized swapping team who will ensure a smooth 7-day transfer.