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Vaping with a pod system has moved from trendy to commonplace, so companies all over the world are taking this chance to design new, exciting all-in-one hardware. At first glance, it looks like the only difference between this and other units are the shape, but there’s more than that going on. Today, there is more innovation in the vaporizer industry than we’ve seen in years. All the latest designs and most-trusted names are there for best NZ vape shop, and that didn’t stop with the invention of the pod system. This allows the user to choose the flavor and the nicotine level, but it does bring about a question. If pod systems typically use nicotine salts in place of freebase nicotine, does that mean you’re required to buy only nicotine salt-based e-liquid for this unit? Well, Smoking Vapor doesn’t answer that question directly, but they do offer an entire line of e-liquids, so we suspect you’d use a salt liquid of your choice. You can also choose from a selection of pre-filled, disposable cartridges.


Airflow is at the heart of best NZ vape shop. There’s nothing worse than getting everything set up with your unit charged and your e-liquid filled only to attempt that first draw and get nothing: no airflow. The leak-proof design is something people have talked about since the inception of vaping. Leaky tanks have ruined thousands of batteries and box over the years, so nearly all well-known companies have released leak-proof tanks to solve the issue. Every company that’s jumped into the pod-system market is trying to take center stage. There is a ton of competition, so how does Smoking Vapor’s hardware stand out? They’ve chosen to use color, design, and decoration to make the ultra portable accessory you can brag about and show off while managing to keep it small enough for inconspicuous use. The traditional line comes in a variety of colors like black, yellow, purple, blue, and orange. 


Now, we are proud of being on the top of the best NZ vape shop, consistently offering new, exciting, innovative hardware for the best prices with the best customer service. If you want to give us a call with a question about your current device, or to find out more about a new release, we’re here for you. As experts in the vaporizer industry, we can help you find the perfect hardware to match your lifestyle or give you the inside scoop on whether or not that e-liquid really tastes. 


When you decide to jump into a business that is quickly growing, and you want to establish a shop of your own, it isn’t just about having the money to make it happen. Far too many small businesses fail in less than five years for a variety of reasons, but the most important being failing to research your local competition and population. Your quality is also a significant means of setting yourself apart, and that’s why at we only offer you the best because we only accept the best. And, you’ll always find a dedicated best NZ vape shop and phone number for wholesale vape supplies because that’s the foundation of your business.

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