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Best standing desks ever

As medical research about the health dangers of prolonged sitting has poured in over the past few years, standing desk have emerged as a valuable workplace perk.


The 2018 Employee Benefits Survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that company offering of standing desks to workers grew by nine percentage points (from 44 to 53 percent) in the previous 12 months.


Last June, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared that all his employees had standing desk with drawers, saying that the combination of sitting and standing was “much better for [the employee’s] lifestyle.”


The spike in interest also ties into the fact that “individual workspaces have shrunk a lot over the years”, Jonathan Webb, VP of Workplace Strategy at KI says. “Providing the freedom to move vertically throughout the day often makes up for the lack of horizontal movement in a larger workstation.”


So, if you have the luxury of a stand up desk in your office, how can you use it best? What sort of stretches might help get the blood flowing and what furniture accessories can help you get the most benefits on a budget?