Body Massage Stock Tools

A spiky ball massage roller is a ball to roll out muscles. The spiky ball muscle roller is made of a space-age plastic that allows the necessary flexibility of the tool and provides maximum compression of the muscles, with proper use they should last a lifetime.


Advantages: This new type of sports massage roller stick is made of environment-friendly silicone material with the advantages of comfortable and high-grade, increased friction, smoother rotation, and ergonomic design of the handle. It will help you warm the muscles, increase circulation, and provide nutrient-rich blood flow to problem areas. It will instant pain relief, increase range of motion, improved flexibility, better recovery times, and ultimately enhanced performance.


Parameters of Body Massage Stock Tools


Massage products


PVC+silicon e*ABS+SS




Black, blue, yellow, red or customized color

Product Name

Body massage stick tools




Box with carton or custom package


Fitness centre, home, office, gym, etc.


100 PCS


Qingdao, China


by sea, by air or by express



Feature of Body Massage Stock Tools

Body Massage Stock Tools

massage stick roller can be used on skin or through clothing. Waterproof and designed to steel shaft without fear of breaking. Do not need to hurt the muscle to get benefits.

 Using before, after, and during exercise for relief. The amount of pressure is determined by yourself.

Using all body parts including neck, back, legs, arms, hips, and shoulders.


Application and Benefits of Body Massage Stock Tools



Using the stick to roll over muscles throughout your body. It will unlock knots, providing myofascial release and therapy. It can used at home, at the office, at the gym or other fitness center. Small, portable and easy to bring along on any trip.