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BOG Compressor

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The design of the BOG recycling compressor complies with the API618 international standard, and the manufacturing complies with the GB/T19001-ISO/9001 standard. Boil off gas compressors has the leading technology, safety and reliability, stable quality, high recovery efficiency, and a wide range of applications, which can meet the needs of BOG release and recovery of boil-off gas compressor for LNG plant operating companies under different working conditions. Aipu is a professional manufacturer of boil off compressors and a comprehensive BOG recycling solution provider.

Types of BOG Compressor


Z-type BOG Compressor

Z-type BOG Compressor is mainly suitable for the working conditions requiring low flow rate and limited workspace at site.


V-type BOG Recovery Compressor


Boil Off Gas Compressor Fields of Application

LNG recycle from tank truck or vessel

Well gas recycle in oil field

Associated gas recycle in oil field

Residual gas recycle


Boil Off Compressor Operation

As the core component of the gas recycling system, the boil-off gas compressor directly affects the operation of the boil-off gas recovery system. BOG compressors are usually working under the temperature of air intake -80~-160℃ and working pressure 0.4~6.4Mpa. The parts in contact with low-temperature gas must be the corresponding low-temperature material, and the system must also set up a temperature controller. At the same time, considering the bog compressor operation economy, it is required that the unit volume refrigerating capacity of boil off compressor should be large output, the compression ratio of the cycle gas compressor should be low, and the operation of each component can be guaranteed to be reliable at low temperature. For the purpose of preventing gas leakage at low temperatures, the shaft seal performance of BOG compressor should be good. A lubricating oil should be able to have good flow performance at low temperatures.


BOG compressor FAQs

What is BOG?

BOG stands for Boil Off Gas, it refers to cryogenic liquid in the storage tank, such as LNG (-162℃), low-temperature propane(-40~-42℃), low-temperature alkane (0~-2℃), etc., is volatilized to gas after receiving external heat


What is BOG compressor?

BOG compressor is a compressor used to compress BOG. General BOG compressors use oil-free reciprocating compressors, and the working principle is the same as that of ordinary reciprocating gas compressors. The difference is that the inlet of BOG compressor sucks in low-temperature gas, so the first-stage cylinder and piston of the compressor must be resistant to low temperatures and prevent freezing. Oil-free lubrication is generally achieved by using labyrinth seals or special piston rings.


Why must BOG be recycled?

There are two main reasons:

1.The need for the safety of the LNG (or other gas) system itself. BOG may cause the overloading of the storage or the system.

2. BOG itself is a very clean fuel. Discharging into the air is not only a needless waste but also the discharge of combustible gas into the air is potentially dangerous. The main component of BOG is methane, and methane is a gas with a strong greenhouse effect. According to the second scientific assessment report of the International IPCC “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”, the greenhouse effect coefficient (GWP) of methane is 21 times that of carbon dioxide.