• $12.37

Bona Polyester Varnishing Roller 250 MM

Bona Polyester Varnishing Roller 250 MM


  • Achieve spectacular results while reducing waste & increasing productivity

  • A professional varnishing roller used by skilled tradesmen all over the world

  • The roller is compatible with Bona Roller Frame & all Bona aluminium handles

  • It can be washed with warm water and re-used for very long periods of time

  • Suitable for varnishing medium to large floor areas, sport rooms, halls, houses

  • The roller is manufactured from quality, fluff free, highly absorbent fibre

  • 250 mm, it will fit most varnishing buckets, it can be used on all wooden floors

  • Very affordable, long lasting, cost effective and also very easy to apply sealers