Boost Your Self-Esteem with A Flat and Firm Belly | Sculpt Clinic

It is a common situation in many to have a potbelly and is undesirable and embarrassing for some. This is due to all the unnecessary deposition of fat over the inner linings of your belly which might be due to overeating, lack of workout, ageing or some medical conditions. This also has a serious impact on your self-esteem and confidence since having a potbelly is undesirable and embarrassing to look at.

The tummy tuck procedure is also called Abdominoplasty where a horizontal incision is made above your pubic area proportional to the amount of fat/skin to be removed. Having an excess of fat or skin over the inner lining of your belly may cause stretchmarks to appear over your belly which looks odd. The Tummy tuck surgery in Delhi also focuses on the removal of such stretch marks by proper incision and removal of fat and skin in the required amount. This isn’t one hundred per cent effective in removing the marks and some of the leftover marks are covered up using cosmetics. Plenty of rest and sleep is recommended after undergoing this procedure and you are advised to shower only after a minimum of 48 hours after the surgery. Sun exposure on the area surrounding the belly is also to be avoided and stringent methods of sun-blocking techniques are to be followed which could include the use of sunscreen lotions and so on.