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Video Production


No one can deny the power of a good testimonial. These are great for showing potential customers an honest and personal view of a previous customer. We believe video testimonials are very powerful as the viewer can see and hear the person , making them feel that it is much more personal and genuine.

Coming up with the right questions to ask the testimonial ‘star’ is key. Think about what you are trying to extract from them and make the question to suit, this is vital. Try not to script the answers, as this can often create a very robotic response and they will struggle to get the words out.

Some examples could be…

Please introduce yourself? – This is so the viewer instantly knows who they watching, this is great if the testimonial star is a high profile.

What made you pick ‘company’?

What was your experience like from ‘company’?

What did you like most about ‘company’?

What made ‘company’ an exceptional service?

Would you recommend ‘company’?

Don’t be scared to ask a question in a different way, this can sometimes create a very different answer.

It always great when making a video testimonial to get someone from the outside of the company to come up with the questions, this provides a outsider’s perspective and what they would want to know.

Often when we film a testimonial, we will listen and ask them to re-say certain parts, this way it’s straight to the point without the jargon. Time is valuable especially in video.