Bridge/Construction Board

The HQC bridge/construction board is a temporary supporting structure, which is made according to actual requirements. In general, the bridge/construction board is a component made by making a mold and pouring concrete into it. The bridge/construction board produced by our company can be divided into bridge/construction plywood and bamboo building construction board.


Wood Plywood

HQC wood plywood produced by Fujian HQC Bamboo Product Co., Ltd. is sometimes referred to as wood formwork, which is rotated into veneer using eucalyptus wood.


Bamboo Plywood

HQC bamboo plywood produced by Fujian HQC Bamboo Product Co., Ltd. is made of bamboo slices by rolling and weaving into bamboo curtains and then glued with adhesive.


Bamboo plywood panels are made of different kinds of adhesives during their production process. Generally, adhesives for bridge/construction board include urea-formaldehyde adhesive, melamine adhesive, phenolic adhesive, etc. Construction grade plywood is generally based on melamine adhesive, and bamboo building construction board is based on phenolic adhesive.


The specifications of the bridge/construction board are 1830*915mm and 2440*1220mm. The thickness is generally 10-15mm. Of course, the bridge/construction board can also be customized according to customers’ requirements. Under normal circumstances, 1830*15mm is the common specification for construction grade plywood, and 2440*1220mm board is occasionally used, while most bamboo building construction boards are 2440*1220mm.


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