British Airways Cancellation Policy

British Airways Cancellation Policy for COVID

The British Airways cancellation policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic allows you to cancel the following tickets and claim a voucher (voucher credit) which will be valid for 12 months, as explained below.

  • Trips with a completion date of September 30, 2022, will be extended by 1 year after you apply for the voucher.
    • Your voucher will be emailed to you. 
    • Your existing booking will be cancelled automatically. 
    • You must use your voucher to complete your trip no later than September 30, 2023. 
    • You can make changes to your flight date and/or destination.
    • You will not be charged for cancelling your existing flight or rebooking later.
    • You must, however, pay the fare difference between the old and new fares.
  • Trips booked before June 7, 2022, with a completion date of September 30, 2022, can be modified once without incurring any charges, but the difference in fares must be paid. Subsequent changes (after September 30, 2022) will be charged.