• $540




The 500M powerline wifi extender kit over ethernet includes pure power line modem CP500M and intelligent Wireless Extender CP500SW. This wifi powerline adapter uses existing indoor power lines to form local area network, which can be used anywhere with power lines  (within the same meter range).


Plug the CP500M wifi extender into the wall outlet, the network signal is transmitted through the power line. Plug the CP500SW wifi extender into other sockets in the home to access the local area network and the wireless signal can be released. Power line transmission rate up to 500Mbps, the wireless rate can reach 300Mbps, which is comparable to traditional network cable effects, and there is no need to worry about wiring problems or obstacles blocking wireless signals. Meet high-bandwidth application requirements such as online video and online games anytime, anywhere. As one of the best wireless network companies, Ceres can provide different kinds of wifi extenders. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.