Cable Cord Grip Strain Relief Connector

As one of the most professional cable gland manufacturers, Saichuang supplies a series of cable grip connectors for quick and easy assembly. According to the cable gland material, the cable gland types for sale can be divided into different types of cable glands, including plastic cable glands, brass cable gland, and stainless steel cable glands.


Different types of cable glands with different cable gland sizes serve as strain reliefs on the cable, so they are also known as strain relief connector or cord grips. Compared with conventional cable glands, cables don’t have to be cut off and re-connected with the use of the strain relief power cord connectors. Not only the cable warranty remains, but also lots of assembly time is saved by using the electrical strain relief connector.


Plastic Cable Gland

The claws and seals of excellent design, sealing nut have a “click” sound and re-open, can hold cable firmly, and have wider cable range. Resistant to salt water, weak acid, alcohol, oil, and grease. Plastic material cable gland can be widely used for wire splices, machinery control boxes, distribution panels, and other electrical appliances.


PG Cable Gland Reinforced A

Type PG Thread Cable Gland  

Plastic Cable Gland Long Thread PG  

Spiral Nylon Cable Gland  

G Thread Cable Gland  

Quick Connector For Flexible Pipes  

Watertight Corrugated Tubing Fittings


Metric Thread Cable Gland Reinforced A Type

Metric Thread Cable Gland

Metric Cable Gland Long Thread

NPT Cable Gland

Multi Hole & Flat Hole Nylon Cable Gland

Right Angle Quick Connector For Flexible Pipes

Right Angle Watertight Corrugated Tubing Fittings


Brass Cable Gland

A complete cable gland consists of 5 parts-sealingnut, seal, body, washer, lock nuts

PG/G/NPT Thread Brass Cable Gland   

Single Compression Cable Gland     

Metal Reducer                   

Metal Screw Plugs


Metric Thread Brass Cable Gland

EMC Cable Gland

Metal Expander


Stainless Steel Cable Gland

A complete cable gland consists of 5 parts-sealingnut, seal, body, washer, lock nuts

PG/NPT Thread Cable Gland

G Thread Stainless Steel Gland


Metric Thread Cable Gland