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Your carpet needs to be cleaned regularly. It’s constantly filtering out dust and other pollutants like cigarette smoke particles from the air, and trapping them in its fibers. It also holds onto whatever is on the bottom of people’s shoes. The build-up of dirt and grime make it look dull and forlorn, affecting the entire interior space. The stains brazenly stick out of the carpet, ruining the mood and affecting your comfort. No one wants to come home to discolourations in the carpet. You don’t want your customers walking in to find food and beverage spills in your office. It’s not just about the appearance. Dirty carpets host billions of microbes that pose health risks to persons in the premises. The visible soiling is only a tip of the iceberg. Most of the grime is buried deep within the fibers. Turn to the carpet cleaning experts to protect your investment and restore the hygiene to your establishment. Carpet Cleaning Howth


Benefits Of Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning

1. Increases the life expectancy of your carpet

Dirt and grime are gritty. They scour down the carpet’s fibers like sandpaper on wood. This reduces the efficacy and life of the carpet. You can prevent all that from happening by calling in the carpet cleaning professionals. We employ systems like hot water extraction that get rid of even the soiling that’s deeply embedded within the carpet’s fibers. Carpet Cleaning Howth


2. Eliminates mites and bacteria

They are crawling all over the carpet. Dust mites thrive in the conducive temperatures within the fibers, and they have constant nourishment from the skin cells that your household members, or people using the business premises, keep on shedding. Organic particles like pet hair and dander, food crumbs and beverage spills increase the amount of bacteria in the fibers. In fact, the carpet hosts more bacteria than the average toilet seat. This exposes people in the establishment to health problems, and increases the risk of allergies. The carpet cleaning team comes with cleaning solutions and equipment that removes the microbes together with the soiling in the carpet, enhancing the health and hygiene of your premises. Carpet Cleaning Howth


3. Eliminates odor

The decaying organic matter and dust in the fibers is the source of the odor emanating from the carpet. Occasionally, this can be worsened by your pet’s urine stains, and the droppings left behind by pests and mice, which may be coming onto the carpet to scout for leftover crumbs and food residue. The odor can make your home unbearable, and turn away customers from your business. The domestic and commercial carpet cleaning professionals get rid of the problem from the source, to ensure a clean and fresh smelling carpet. Carpet Cleaning Howth


4. Stain removal

They are unsightly. Coffee, wine, food, ink and urine stains make the carpet an eyesore. They prevent you from enjoying your investment, and even make you feel awkward about inviting guests over. In your commercial establishment, the stains can have adverse effects on your business brand and image. They affect your client’s view of your enterprise, costing you losses in revenue. The carpet cleaning professionals use eco-friendly solutions to remove those discomforting spots and marks, dried in spillages and the stubborn stains. Carpet Cleaning Howth


5. Saves your time and energy

Carpet cleaning is quite an involved process- from shifting furniture, pre-treating stains, applying the cleaning solution, agitating it into the fibers, all the way to extracting the residue from the carpet. Different materials have different approaches, and the wrong product can damage the fibers. Over-wetting can prolong the drying time and even lead to moisture and mildew growth. Avoid the hassle. Let the carpet cleaning professionals take the load off your back. They come with the experience and knowledge necessary to determine the best cleaning approach for your carpet. They also ensure that the carpet dries as fast as possible. For instance, the hot water extraction system removes most of the moisture content from the carpet, with the remainder taking as little as 1 hour to dry. Carpet Cleaning Howth


6. Customized pricing

Carpet cleaning costs are not a one-size-fits all approach. As such, the prices of our services are tailored to suit your unique situation. You get to have affordable costs, determined by factors such as the particular size and type of carpet you want cleaned. Carpet Cleaning Howth


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