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Carpet Cleaning Kildare

Carpet Cleaning Kildare


All carpeted floors will require at least one professional deep clean per year. Over a 12 month period, a lot of dirt, dust, food residue, grease, skin flakes, urine residue, etc, will accumulate in your carpet. It needs to be extracted to prevent permanent staining and to keep your carpets clean, fresh & bacteria free. Book Carpet Cleaning Kildare now and have your carpets deep cleaned and disinfected with one of the most innovative carpet cleaning systems from Prochem and 100% eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos from Cleanfast & Craftex. One deep clean will ensure full removal of all dirt and dust and will neutralize bad odors and bacteria. People with pets or serious dust allergies should have their carpets deep cleaned twice per year.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Hot water extraction system

Over the past 13 years, Carpet Cleaning Kildare has used a number of carpet cleaning systems and carpet cleaning machines but our preferred method of deep cleaning carpets is with a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. It is by far the most effective for stain removal. Warm water will be mixed with a soft eco carpet cleaning shampoo. The cleaning solution will be pre-sprayed all over your carpets with a special wand. The carpet will be left untouched for about 5 min to allow the treatment to soften up dirt. Then the whole area will be scrubbed nicely with a low speed carpet bonnet to separate dirt from the carpet fiber. The waste will be extracted with a powerful stainless steel wand that is connected to a dual motor carpet cleaning machine. Outstanding quality guaranteed

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Drying time

We estimate that your carpets will be fully dry within 1 to 3 hours but there are cases where it can take longer. A very thick carpet that requires a number of washes is likely to take longer to dry. A poorly ventilated carpet is likely to take a bit longer. A very cold house or office with no heating system can take much longer to fully dry. The estimated drying time of 1 to 3 hours only applies to carpets in areas that are well ventilated and heated.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Odour neutralizing

Many people are not even aware that their carpeted floors are the reason for bad odors all over the house. A carpeted floor can absorb a lot of dirt over time and this can create bad odors. It is an easily fixed issue, the carpet needs to be washed with antibacterial shampoos mixed with an odor neutralizing agent. The odor neutraliser will find the source of the bad odor and it will cancel it. Regular deodorisers should be applied to any carpet to prevent bad odors from developing.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Furniture

Most domestic properties have some kind of furniture around. Moving huge beds outside bedrooms is usually unsuitable. Carpet Cleaning Kildare will work around your furniture without creating too much disruption. We will do half of the room at once and then the other half, moving furniture as needed.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Prices

We provide standard pricing for standard carpet cleaning projects. A 3 bed house can cost 140 euro to have all the carpets deep cleaned and disinfected or it can cost 250 euro or more. It all depends on the type of carpet, the condition of it, the size of it, access and location. If a carpet requires many washes and a number of treatments, the price is likely to go up. Houses with no parking and hard access will see their price for carpet cleaning increased because a lot of time is wasted carrying the equipment and seeking parking. But even so, Carpet Cleaning Kildare is one of the most affordable eco carpet cleaning companies in Kildare

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Shampoos

Carpet Cleaning Kildare uses top of the range Irish manufactured carpet cleaning shampoos from Cleanfast. Our carpet cleaning shampoos are 100% eco friendly, safe, gentle and have a very pleasant perfume. Your carpets, sofas, mattresses, rugs & upholstery will be deep cleaned, deodorized and disinfected with 100% safe shampoos. All our stains removers are manufactured by Craftex

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Commercial carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Kildare specializes in commercial carpet cleaning and domestic carpet cleaning services. We own the right equipment to be able to tackle some of the most complicated and hard to do commercial carpet cleaning projects. We are happy to contract any type of work in any condition. Our staff are highly skilled and fully trained. Just let us know what you need done and we will sort it out for you.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Protectors

If your carpet is likely to receive much more traffic than usual, you should consider having it sealed. Our premium quality carpet protectors from Craftex will seal your carpet and it will create a barrier between the traffic and the carpet itself. General dirt won’t be able to penetrate as fast while staining will be reduced dramatically. Our prices are very affordable and we are happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Stain removing

A realistic approach is essential when booking a carpet stain removing company. While most stains and spillages can be removed without any problems, there are some stains that are permanent. In some cases we cannot remove the stain in full, but instead we can make it look better. Old urine stains, old coffee stains, some tea stains, etc, can permanently discolor the fibre of your carpets. We are able to remove ink, rust, food stains, some coffee & some wine stains, some tea, most fizzy drinks, blood, vomit, some urine.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Insurance

You are dealing with a well established carpet cleaning company with many years experience. Our company is fully insured to undertake any type of carpet cleaning project up to the value of 12 million euros. A copy of our insurance cert can be provided upon request.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Payments

We accept card, cash, cheque & EFT payments from commercial carpet cleaning customers. Our prices are clear and pre-agreed before the starting date. We will not change prices as we go along and we will not reduce costs after the project is started. We provide free no obligation estimates.

Carpet Cleaning Kildare – Other services

Carpet Cleaning Kildare provides top of the range eco domestic carpet cleaning services, commercial carpet cleaning services, sofa cleaning services, rug cleaning services, mattress cleaning services & upholstery cleaning services. Create your own package to include 5+ items and pay 30% less.



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