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Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords

Where can you find a reliable carpet cleaning company when you need one? We are right here, waiting for your call. Dublin Carpet Cleaning completes hundreds of commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs in Swords every year. We specialize in deep carpet cleaning services and stain removal treatments. Our carpet cleaning specialists can tackle any size carpet cleaning job, regardless of the location or time. We use the latest technology within the carpet cleaning industry and we can get results where other people fail. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is one of the most reliable carpet cleaning companies around and you will be impressed by our attention to detail and professionalism. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – About us


Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a Dublin based carpet cleaning company that has built a great reputation for high quality work at affordable prices. We employ a professional team of carpet cleaning specialists who are fully trained and nice to deal with. We started our business about 11 years ago and from the start we have proven to be a big hit within the carpet cleaning market. Our website was designed with our customers in mind and is full of easy to use options. Our pricing is clear and you can book and pay online. We are a very customer focused carpet cleaning company and we are still growing year by year because people just like dealing with Dublin Carpet Cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Our customers


If you do a search for carpet cleaning Swords you will notice that you will find listings from either big companies mainly interested in big commercial carpet cleaning jobs or small one man businesses looking for small domestic jobs. If you are looking for someone to clean a medium sized carpet, it can sometimes be difficult. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a different type of carpet cleaning company, we own 7 top of the range carpet cleaning machines and we are interested in dealing with any type of customer, regardless of the size of the job. Our minimum order is 50€, so if the job is worth over 50€ we are in. 4 vans are on the road 24 hours per day and we clean serious amounts of carpets daily. We deal with a huge number of schools, pubs, restaurants, offices, public building, estate agents, landlords, tenants, domestic customers, etc. Dublin Carpet Cleaning cleans carpets all over Dublin, we are not restricted to a certain area. We need you to be our next customers so if you need carpet cleaning done please contact us for free now. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Our equipment


Like in anything else, better tools and better staff will make all the difference. We own top of the range Prochem equipment and we have some of the best carpet cleaning specialists within the industry. Twin pumps and twin extractor motors, professional carpet cleaning detergents and scrubbing equipment, spot cleaners, dryers, etc. Our technology is a hot water extraction system with high water lift technology and over the years we have found it to be the most efficient in removing dirt and bacteria. We are not saying that dry carpet cleaning or other types of carpet cleaning are not efficient, we are only saying that we found our technology to be the best for us and the fact that our business is increasing year on year, means that our customers are also pleased with our technology. Hot water will be injected at very high pressure into your carpet. A carpet softener that is also a disinfectant, will be added to the solution. Dirt, infections, stains, etc, will be broken in pieces and then extracted with twin motor extractors. Your carpet will be left spotless and fully sanitized. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Our prices


Our prices are designed to suit people of all budgets. We understand that people are looking for very reasonable prices but the same people are probably looking for quality work as well. To achieve high quality carpet cleaning services plus fast drying times, very expensive equipment is required and highly qualified staff. Dublin Carpet Cleaning can guarantee very competitive pricing and top of the range carpet cleaning services. We are not the cheapest carpet cleaning company around but we are not the most expensive. We are right in the middle price wise. Carpet Cleaning Swords


All our carpet cleaning prices include vat and all the equipment. The prices quoted over the phone are only accurate if the information provided by our customers is accurate. Additional costs can be added to the final price if the property is located outside Co Dublin or if the carpet is much dirtier than usual. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Booking us


If you go to our website www.dublin-carpetcleaning.ie you will notice that it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. You can book us online, you can contact us online and you can pay us online. Our website contains all the information you will need to make up your mind. We provide a free phone line so you can contact us with ease without spending any money. What else can we do for you? We have an online chat available as well, so you can ask us questions without even calling us. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Insurance


Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company and we comply with all the insurance legislation. We are fully insured to undertake any size carpet cleaning job, commercial or domestic. We are covered for damages of up to 6.5 million if the worst will ever happen. If you require a signed copy of our insurance cert please email our office. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Opening time


We are open all the time but for appointments outside normal office hours we will require good notice. We understand that some carpet cleaning jobs have to be done over night, over weekend or at unsuitable hours, so we are prepared for it. Call us at least 24 hours before the job starting date and we will fit you in without problems. Our office is open standard office hours but after hours calls can be taken if you call us on our mobile or on our free phone line. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Payments


We accept cash, cheque, card or EFT. All jobs need to be paid for after the job is completed unless agreed otherwise. Dublin Carpet Cleaning can offer 30 day credit to regular customers or commercial customers. You can book our services as gifts and you can pre pay us with your debit/credit card. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Swords


Reliability is a must for all customers but especially for commercial carpet cleaning customers who may be disrupting their business to have carpet cleaning work done. We will be there on the agreed date and at the agreed time, no messing around. This is the reason why Dublin Carpet Cleaning deals with hundreds of commercial carpet cleaning customers and why our list is growing year by year. Most of our commercial carpet cleaning jobs come from referrals or repeat customers. We are a reliable carpet cleaning company capable of contracting any size carpet cleaning jobs at any time. We have never let down any of our customers in 11 years of business and we plan to keep that record. We can guarantee 1 hour drying time and we can guarantee that we will do all we can to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Our specialists


Our carpet cleaning company would not be where it is today without our carpet cleaning specialists who have proven to be some of the best within the carpet cleaning industry. We train our own carpet experts and all people employed by us have to go through an intensive training program. Our carpet cleaning specialists are much more than lads using our high tech equipment, they can also issue invoices, they can accept payments, they can agree to extra work and they can deal with any issue that might concern you. Our lads are a pleasure to deal with and we are confident that you will be our next reference. Carpet Cleaning Swords

There you are, you have all the information required to book our services. We are open most times so please feel free to contact us and ask for a quotation over the phone or on site. We are nice to deal with and we will be there as agreed. All our carpet cleaning estimates are free of charge and no obligation.Carpet Cleaning Swords


Carpet Cleaning Swords – Why not pick the best when you know you can afford them?