• $59.99

Carver Stucco ET / Alcohol Based Gap Filler

Carver Stucco ET / Alcohol Based Gap Filler


  • Fills up wood cracks and gaps between all types of wooden floors

  • Can be used to fill up gaps up to 0.35 mm or less, fully dry in 1 hour

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic gap filling & crack repair jobs

  • The gap filler can be sanded, stained and lacquered as the floor itself

  • To be mixed with wood dust generated while sanding the wood floor

  • Work in well ventilated areas and do not use around open fires/heat

  • Clean all your tools and equipment well before the gap filler hardens

  • Unlike old solvent based gap fillers, this product has a pleasant odour

  • 5L of Carver Stucco ET will cover around 20 sq meters (it can vary)