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CBD flower: the therapeutic version of cannabis

At a time when the debate on the legalization of cannabis is more topical than ever, one of its derivatives is more and more talked about: the CBD HEMP FLOWER.This product, which is legal in Europe and France (although this is under discussion at this time), would be recommended for its health benefits.Like CBD oil (CBD for “cannabidiol”), the CBD flower is credited with positive effects on relaxation and pain relief.The curious can consult specialized sites in order to get a more precise idea of ​​this substance.

The benefits of using CBD flowers

CBD, legal cannabis, can be a fantastic and natural way to deal with issues ranging from chronic pain to insomnia.In recent years, it has gained popularity in the healthcare market as evidenced by the wide variety of products that can be found today.There are various ways to consume it: by smoking it, by vaporization, in capsules, mixed with food (like “spaces cakes” , cakes cooked with cannabis) or in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. .The terms cannabis, marijuana, and hemp are used interchangeably, which has led to some confusion about what this substance actually is.The form of cannabis causing the psychoactive effects (understand, the one that gets you high or sets you up for giggles) isn’t exactly like CBD or hemp.So let’s take a look at the differences between CBD flowers and other types of cannabis.What is a CBD flower?Its advantage: consuming it allows you to relax, without causing the undesirable effects sometimes linked to cannabis such as anxiety or paranoia (otherwise called “bad trip”).You should also know that modern and Sativa cannabis contain around 25% THC . This is much higher than the strains that were consumed in the sixties, and well beyond what the CBD flower contains.


The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of many cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. Cannabidiol also represents a large part of the substances contained in the buds of cannabis plants.After that, it’s all a question of the cultivator’s approach and the desired effects. Some cannabis growers prefer to bet on the cannabidiol (CBD) concentration when producing the plant instead.They thus favor a therapeutic and non-psychoactive end use of the product. The CBD flower contains low amounts of psychoactive THC, while the high volume of CBD regulates the impact of what remains of THC.Strains that contain high amounts of THC come from indicia, Sativa, and hybrid Cannabis Sativa strains.Almost all of these therapeutic and recreational strains have a THC content of at least 5%. For the most part, this is 30% more THC than in CBD cannabis.Hemp and CBD flowers are different from psychoactive strains. Indeed, their THC content is less than or equal to 0.3% (the legal limit in France, even if a certain vagueness applies on this subject , would be 0.2%).Rest assured, at such a tiny dose, there is no way you will be “stoned”!If you smoke 1 kg of CBD flowers, you would rather have a headache much more than you would feel high, an effect unique to cannabis high in THC!

The health benefits of CBD flowers

The CBD flower is a bud, or bud, of the CD-type cannabis plant. She provides a lot of CBD, but hardly any THC.Growers developed CBD flowers to give consumers the benefits of cannabis, but no experience of mental change.Regardless of how it’s used, CBD flower provides relief for many people with chronic pain and anxiety.Cannabidiol is also known to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and neuroprotective substance.