Charcoal NZ

Commodities Premium Hardwood Lump (Ci-5) Charcoal is a high quality product which is sustainable sourced and 100% natural. This product is used widely throughout New Zealand restaurants. Lump Charcoal is very hot burning and has a low ash content, making cleaning up after cooking easy! This Charcoal will give your food a unique flavour versus other styles of cooking. Whether you are grilling, roasting, using a tandoori or cooking with a rotisserie, this is the Charcoal for you!

The technique usually involves a significant amount of direct, radiant heat for cooking food quickly. Food is cooked directly on a grill, a grill pan or a griddle depending on the type of food being grilled. Direct heat grilling can expose food to the required temperatures. Grilled food retains a distinctive roast aroma and flavor. In a grill, charcoal briquettes or all-natural lump are used as fuel. When burned, coal is transformed into embers radiating the heat required for cooking. In the market today, many grill configurations are available. Some grills may be shaped as square, round or rectangular, some have Charcoal NZ while others do not have.

As soon as the grill is sufficiently hot, you can place the food on it. In fact, this is an essential part of the entire cooking and you definitely don’t want to interfere with it. Don’t cut the meat to verify if it is properly cooked, as that is a major mistake. Do not disturb the meat; use instead a timer to calculate the timer when the meat is done. Additionally, when the food is picked off from the grill, you should let it rest for a while for the juice to be evenly distributed. If flavor has been added to the food in advance, you should now have quite a delicious grilled food on your plates. Grilled foods are very tasty and they are easy to cook especially if you have a Activated Carbon NZ. This cooking machine can allow you to grill any foods anywhere you are because it is very portable. This is one of the reasons why people opt for barbecue grills.