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Chicken Chips Forming Machine

Chicken Chips Forming Machine

Product Description

Chicken Chips Forming Machine is specially in automating the process of shaping and forming the chicken chips as dog snacks.

Automatically perform all procedures including material filling, forming and output. It features high production capacity and stable quality.

The raw materials can widely be any meat, fish, shrimp, potato, pumpkin, carrot, green beans, vegetable, and tubers.

While changing the molds, various shapes and sizes can be achieved.

Well work with other support machinery as complete processing line, such as flouring, breading, battering, frying, etc.

Easy and convenient raw material replacement and accurate weight control make it possible to control the production cost.

Washing out function to keep the machine clean after each shift.

The machine is more safe and reliable by using good quality stainless steel nonmetal materials.

Easy to operate and maintain.

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