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China Spotlight Company Introduces The Requirements For The Use Of Car Emergency Lights

China Spotlight Company introduces car emergency lights, namely double flashing lights, which can be used in the following situations:

1. Temporary parking

On roads where parking is not forbidden, if the driver does not leave the vehicle, stay on the right side of the road in the forward direction for a short stay. At this time, especially when parking on non-motorized roads or borrowed roads, double flashes should be turned on immediately to remind passing vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to safety.

2. Vehicle breakdown or traffic accident

If the vehicle breaks down or is in a traffic accident, it is unable to drive in the middle of the road or move the vehicle slowly, the vehicle must flash twice, and a warning triangle should be placed behind the vehicle to remind the oncoming vehicle to pay attention.

3. Towing a faulty motor vehicle

When a powered vehicle in front pulls a vehicle that has temporarily lost power due to a fault, the vehicle is in an abnormal state at this time, and both the vehicle in front and the vehicle behind need to turn on dual flashing lights to remind passing vehicles and pedestrians. Otherwise, the rear vehicle does not know the condition of the vehicle in front, and accidents such as rear-end collision are likely to occur.

4. A special task is being performed

When a vehicle accepts temporary emergency official duties or first aid to the hospital, when it is necessary to accelerate due to the urgent time and urgent official duties, double flashes should be used to remind passing vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to safety, to draw attention, and to avoid in time.

5. Complex roads

When a vehicle is reversing or U-turning on a complex road section, the hazard warning flasher should be turned on to remind passing vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to safety and attract attention.