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CIMA certification training Course in Dubai, Abudhabi and Sharjah.Are you looking for a qualification? Zabeel offers best training

CIMA CertificationTraining Course in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah-UAE

Outline of Contracted Foundation of The board Bookkeepers

CIMA Instructional class and capability is presented by Sanctioned Foundation of The board Bookkeepers (CIMA) course in Dubai, Sharjah and Abudhabi and this is a UK based proficient body that offers proficient preparation and capability in Administration bookkeeping and related subjects. It is centered around bookkeepers working in the business and offers continuous help and preparing for its individuals. CIMA centers around Enterprises offering something other than bookkeeping information. You won’t just be monetarily qualified yet additionally be expertly prepared in creating business the executives abilities of prompting on business system and hazard the board and so forth


Zabeel Worldwide is CIMA Enlisted Educational cost Supplier

Zabeel Global is one of the Top Foundations offering CIMA Confirmation preparing in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, UAE. Zabeel is offering CIMA preparing in Dubai for more than 10years. Zabeel utilizes official Kaplan Text + Test Practice Unit material/books for CIMA accreditation preparing and extra survey materials like BPP and so on. CIMA individuals get exceptional advantages to put them well known with driving organizations, supportable business achievement.

Who needs the CIMA Confirmation/Graduate degree?

Anybody can seek after CIMA Capability. However, your instructive foundation will assume a crucial part in getting exceptions in test papers. This makes it ideal for experts currently dynamic in bookkeeping and individuals excited about a lifelong change. The CIMA course Capability is comparable to a graduate degree.

Learning Result:

The CIMA Proficient Capability gives more system, greater administration bookkeeping and more significance across a board business point of view than some other expert bookkeeping capabilities. Gives you ability in finance, it gives abilities to pursue key choices in business and educate others with respect to the monetary ramifications.

The CIMA (Sanctioned Establishment of The executives Bookkeepers) proficient capability is identical to a graduate degree, the free UK organization liable for government scoring of outsiders’ capabilities has said.

·         Why pick Zabeel Global for CIMA Instructional class

·         Zabeel is an enrolled educational cost supplier of CIMA

·         Zabeel has been giving preparation on different money and bookkeeping courses throughout the previous 32 years in UAE.

·         Zabeel has north of 7 years experience in giving CIMA preparing

·         Zabeel has astounding achievement rate and experienced and qualified coaches.

·         CIMA money and colleague

·         Definite Course Satisfied:

Capability Levels:

·         Endorsement Level (4 subjects)

·         Functional level (3 subjects+ 1 Contextual analysis paper)

·         The executives level (3 subjects+ 1 Contextual analysis paper)

·         Vital level (3 subjects + 1 Contextual analysis paper)

·         13 Subjects + 3 contextual investigation paper

CIMA Level 1:

CIMA Section level: Endorsement in Business Bookkeeping

The CIMA confirmation in business bookkeeping is CIMA’s own entrance course to the expert capability.

Your certificate or bookkeeping capability may likewise exclude you from some functional and the board level papers.

The testament subjects are:

·         FI 021 – BA1 – Basics of Business Financial aspects

·         FI 022 – BA2 – Basics of The executives Bookkeeping

·         FI 024 – BA3 – Essentials of Monetary Bookkeeping

·         FI 025 – BA4 – Essentials of Morals, Corporate Administration and Business Regulation

You can sit the four authentication subjects in any request and in any mix to suit your prerequisites Tests All endorsement tests are PC based and can be taken whenever.

Level 2: Functional level

·         The three papers at this level are:

·         E1: Hierarchical Administration

·         P1: The executives Bookkeeping

·         F1 : Monetary Revealing and Tax collection

CIMA Functional level contextual investigation

Your job will be that of Money official, your crowd will be supervisor and task proprietors, the inquiry

Types will be short expositions upheld by estimations and examination and the contextual analysis center will be;

Readiness of parts or of whole budget summaries

An expense or potentially planning issue-Examination of the design or the association, as well as cross-useful correspondence.

CIMA Certificate in Administration Bookkeeping

Understudies who pass every one of the three functional level papers will be granted the CIMA Recognition in Administration Bookkeeping

Level 3: The board level

The three papers at this level are:

·         FI 136 – E2 – Undertaking and Relationship The executives

·         FI 137 – P2 – High level Administration Bookkeeping

·         FI 138 – F2 – High level Monetary Detailing

High level CIMA Confirmation in Administration Bookkeeping

Understudies who pass every one of the three administration level subjects + contextual analysis will be granted the CIMA Progressed Confirmation in Administration Bookkeeping

The executives level contextual investigation

FI 139 – Outline of E2, P2 and F2 | FI 155 – Investigation on pre-seen Contextual analysis and False Tests Test arrangement

Your job will be that of chief, your crowd will be CFO and senior business directors, the inquiry types will be long and short expositions, upheld by estimations and examination and the contextual analysis spotlight will be on;

– Influence on the budget summaries and the exhibition of the association.

– Item and estimating choices, or potentially the presentation assessment of division(s) part parts.

– Thought of key partners, and execution by means of undertakings.

Level 4: Key level

The three papers at this level are:

·         FI 140 – E3 – Key Administration

·         FI 141 – P3 – Chance Administration

·         FI 142 – F3 – Monetary Methodology

Every one of the three key level subjects should be learned simultaneously and understudies should sit each of the three tests (E3, P3 and F3) together at the main sitting. Following this, any re-sits can be taken in any mix (for instance each in turn).

These papers should be effectively finished before understudies endeavor the trial of expert skill in administration bookkeeping.

CIMA Vital level contextual investigation

FI 143 – Outline of E3, P3 and F3 and Investigation on pre-seen Contextual analysis with Mock Tests Test grouping

Your job will be that of ranking director, your crowd will be CFO and rest of senior supervisory group, the inquiry types will be long expositions upheld by computations and examination and the contextual analysis spotlight will be on;

– A monetary system should be formed, it is sufficiently subsidized to guarantee the methodology.

– Chances related with this should be investigated.

– Investigation of key choices, prompting suggestions and avocation.

CIMA The executives Entryway Course (MCS)

MCS contextual analysis for MBAs/M.Com

Term : 4 weeks ( 6 hr each week) – 24 hrs

Course The executives Contextual investigation, Extra charge to be paid to CIMA, Comprehensive of :


Enrollment and Yearly Charge

·         11 Exceptions

·         1 endeavor of the board contextual investigation test

·         The CIMA certificate Course charge is comprehensive of

·         1 LMS access for CIMA The executives contextual investigation

·         2 CIMA Understudy Exercise manual redid

·         3 Practice Question Bank for class work

·         4 Admittance to E2, P2, F2 content . This is useful to those applicants who select for the program in the wake of getting exceptions who concentrated on the ideas log back.

·         5 Eye to eye class meetings

·         6 Limitless admittance to mentors for uncertainty clearing

·         7 Live 3 counterfeit assessment practice on current pre seen with nitty gritty examination and criticism on your responses.

·         9 Pass ensure

·         10 Retake ensure for next window-for the people who went to the full class( 100 percent participation) + endeavored the 3 ridicules + Genuine test

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