• $18.99

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser


  • Irish manufactured heavy duty urine neutraliser suitable for outdoor use

  • It will neutralise urine odours from artificial grass, patios, footpath, floors

  • To be diluted 1 to 50 before use, low cost, highly efficient, perfume free

  • Suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial urine neutralising projects

  • It reacts with the urine and it neutralizes the bacteria that causes bad odour

  • Safe to use on all astro floors, artificial grass, sealed & unsealed floors

  • It provides results within a few minutes, suitable for heavy duty projects

  • It can be applied with a pump, a mop, a spray bottle or power washer

  • One of the most efficient and most effective urine neutralisers in Ireland