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CNG Compressor

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As common equipment in the process of natural gas extraction, storage, transportation and sale, CNG gas compressor for sale is widely used in all aspects of natural gas production,transportation and sales at home and abroad. Domestic CNG compressor manufacturers became active in the 1980s and was initially developed and produced by Sichuan Jianyang Air Compressor Plant and Sichuan Petroleum Administration Bureau. After years of development, the domestic natural gas compressor manufacturing industry has made great progress, some skid models can basically replace similar overseas products, we can see this progress particularly in the China CNG compressor market.


Types of CNG Compressor


D-type CNG Compressor

D-type safe CNG compressor has complete functions, reliable and stable performance, good comprehensive technical performance, and it has reached the technical level to replace similar products in the world.


M-type CNG Compressor

M-type CNG Compressor with good price is mainly designed for high flow rate conditions. With the symmetrical balance cylinders, CNG compressor system has the great advantages of smooth operation, small vibration, low noise and long life of easy – damaged parts.


CNG Compressor Fields of Application

Standard CNG Filling Station

Daughter CNG Filling Station

CNG company

Oil and gas treatment plant


CNG Compressor Working Principle

In order to reduce the damage of CNG compressor parts and prolong the service life of the compressor, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the natural gas compressor is very important and necessary. Daily maintenance work mainly includes regular lubrication of equipment and oil exchange, equipment anti-corrosion work, regular proofreading equipment accuracy, so as to minimize the wear and failure of parts, so that the equipment as far as possible in the normal CNG compressor working state. The specific maintenance process of the CNG gas compressor is generally divided into quarterly maintenance, semi-annual maintenance and annual maintenance.


CNG Compressor FAQs


How Is Cng Compressed?

CNG is produced by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. To provide an adequate driving range, CNG has stored onboard a vehicle in a compressed gaseous state at a pressure of up to 3,600 pounds per square inch.


What Is Cng Why Cng Is Better Than Diesel?

Compared to diesel and even to petrol, natural gas creates far fewer nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) when combusted. The combustion process is also quieter. CNG is therefore a better ‘urban’ fuel than diesel. Lower CO2 emissions, both tailpipe, and well-to-wheel.


What Does Ngv Signify?

NGV stands for Natural Gas Vehicle, which is a car or truck powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of conventional gasoline or diesel. Currently, it is popular at home and abroad, especially in the urban public transportation area. It has lots of advantages, such as lower fuel cost, little air pollution, less loss of vehicle components, etc.