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Construction Truck

Construction trucks are the backbone of a city’s construction projects. Their appearance has doubled the progress of construction projects and greatly reduced manpower. MANTEN GROUP’s construction trucks are mainly divided into Building Construction Truck, Road Construction Truck and Off Road Truck. We can provide a one-stop truck and machine supply service and professional proposal for your project.

Types of Construction Truck

Manten Construction Truck Equipment


Material: Q235 carbon steel coated with stainless steel


Hydraulic lifting cylinder: HYVA




Motor, Reducer, Oil Pump: PMP, Eaton, Bonfiglioli etc.


Belgium viscosity asphalt pump: CB450


LED Intelligent Operation Platform


Spread motor: OMR80, USA


PLC: Siemens


Display: TFT color touch screen


Construction Truck Truck FAQs

The tank body of the mixer truck rotates weakly?

1) Check the state of hydraulic oil to see if the oil is too dirty;

2) The accelerator cable is too loose;

3) Check the amount of hydraulic oil. If the oil level is low, add hydraulic oil to the specified level;

4) Check whether the hydraulic pump pressure is too low.

The body of the dump truck does not fall?

The main reason is that the air pressure is insufficient, the oil return valve of the distribution valve cannot act, or the limit valve pipeline is damaged, and the lift switch and cylinder are stuck.

Concrete pump truck pumping pipe plugging?

Treatment: the pipe blockage of pump truck is a worldwide problem, and the common cause is caused by non-standard operation.

1) Check the pressure system for insufficient pressure;

2) The proportion of raw materials is not correct, and the proportion of sand, stone and cement is uneven, resulting in unclear pumping and changing the proportion.

If the operation is improper, the normal shutdown shall not exceed 2 hours (the specific time shall be adjusted according to the material ratio). If the time exceeds the specified time, it needs to be cleaned.

The winch of the truck mounted crane is weak?

The volumetric efficiency of the winch plunger oil motor decreases. Replace the winch plunger oil and motor.

The volumetric efficiency of the winch motor decreases and the friction brake pad in the winch gearbox is damaged. Replace the friction brake pad and the motor.