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Copper Composite Panel

Mechanical Property   No.Test ItemTest methodresult1DensityASTM D792-08 Method B1.804g/cm³2Tensile strengthASTM D638-1031.3MPa3Flexural strengthASTM D790-10 Procedure A86.1MPa4Flexural modulusASTM D790-10 Procedure A12100MPa5Shear strengthASTM D732-1022.3MPa6Shear resistanceASTM D732-107090N7180°Peel strengthASTM D903-980.95kgf/mm8Peel torqueASTM D1781-9829.1mm.kgf/mm9Heat deflection temperatureASTM D648-07 Method B94.2 ℃10Coefficient of linear thermal expansionASTM D969-08236.5*10-6    *Test is based on 0.3mm red copper skin 4mm composite panel.       Notes:   ALUBANG copper is easily oxidized, clear protective film is suggested in case of adhesive residue