Copy microcontroller

Circuit Engineering CO.,LTD provides IC extract, MCU Read, Microcontroller Copy service.Copy Microcontroller Program from both eeprom and flash, then transfer the content to other blank microcontroller which will provide the same functions

Outsourcing your IC extract, MCU Read, or any other Microcontroller Copy needs is a critical decision for your company. We understand that you have many companies to choose from, but if you are looking for a company that can provide customer satisfaction, you have chosen the right one, Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd. Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd offers a full range of IC extract, MCU Read and Microcontroller Copy technology designed for quick set-up. If your disassembly or assembly requires extensive hand labor, our skilled workforce can provide detailed hand assembly according to IPC-A-610 Class II. At Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd, we are well equipped to IC extract, MCU Read, or any other Microcontroller Copy and Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering, including customized packaging. Our goal at Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd is to achieve customer satisfaction with superior service and products. Two-way communication is a very vital part of a quality product and together we can determine the most effective solutions to your needs, whether that means a face-to-face meeting, telephone call or email.

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