Corner Cube Retroreflector

BK7 and UVFS Corner Cube Retroreflector Prism are designed to deviate incident light by 180 degrees independently of an angle of incidence. These corner cube prisms have three mirror surfaces with angles at 90° to each other, juxtaposed to form the corner of a cube with the entrance face perpendicular to the cube’s diagonal.


Description Of Corner Cube Retroreflector Prism

A corner cube retroreflector, also known as a CCR or trihedral optical prism, is an optical structure that consists of three adjacent, mutually-orthogonal plane-reflecting surfaces which form the corner of a cube. The corner cube reflects an incident ray at a specific angle, independent of the prism and beam orientations.


Ecoptik corner cubes are used in a wide variety of applications such as spectroscopy, battlefield technology and satellites. Corner cubes enable range finding for weapons systems and aid in performing other precise displacement and distance measurements. For example, a satellite in orbit around the earth requires monitoring of its position while it measures plate tectonics and ocean surface topography.


Specification Of Corner Cube Retroreflector Prism



General   spec.

High precision spec.


Optical glass (H-K9L, BK7, or others),   Fused silica



Dimension tolerance



90°Deviation   tolerance

<3 arc min

< 3arc sec.

Surface flatness @ 633nm



Surface quality




Upon the customer’s request