Cosmetic Airless Bottles Design Structure

At present, many cosmetics use Airless bottles to isolate substances from the air to prevent oxidative deterioration and bacterial harmful substances. Now we often see that the    Cosmetic Airless Bottles    is composed of an oval container and a spring-driven piston.


It uses contraction to vent air out of the bottle and then uses atmospheric pressure to move the piston forward. But we must note that the contraction force between the piston and the wall of the bottle should not be too large, otherwise we will not easily push it. Of course, if you can make special efforts to move forward, it will also affect the normal use of the leak, so the requirements of the manufacturer are very high.


It can be said that the introduction of cosmetic Airless bottles has brought us great convenience, especially in the women’s cosmetics industry. It can effectively guarantee the quality of the product and keep it fresh. However, since the structure of the Airless is complicated, the price is relatively high. There are not many Airless bottles we use now.


It is believed that with the expansion of consumer demand, the fresh-keeping needs of different grades of skin care products can be met. Through the above introduction, I believe that you have a good understanding of the Airless bottle, you know the role of this bottle, I believe that the future application will be more extensive.