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C&Q Amusement Haunted Hospitals

The most scary haunted house series has always been a major project of the theme park product. Our R & D team has always followed the mainstream trend of the theme park project and developed a variety of haunted house series products.


A few years ago, a newly opened private hospital was originally thriving, but after only a year, the hospital began to constantly spread rumors. Patients diagnosed in this hospital would never come back, and even those who came back would die soon. In just a few years, this hospital closed down and became an abandoned hospital.  


Now a mother has come to you with a picture of her child.  His child (actor) has been missing for a week and there are clues that his child has been to this hospital.  He asks you to help her find the child and to find the truth of the story.


You accepted the commission, but when you went deep into the hospital, you found that it is not as simple as rumor……


Specifications of Haunted Hospital

Specifications of Haunted Hospital

Haunted house series products are customized products, product parameters are different according to the actual requirements of customers.