CRM system

To manage our customers we need not only a well-organized database, but also a tool such as a CRM system that facilitates the management of the database and the relationships with customers.

About Company-


Upnify® was founded in 2009 under the SalesUp!® brand as a solution to the need to follow up with prospects generated through various channels, primarily digital. Our findings about marketing campaigns that aimed to empower the sales force showed us the need for tools that would provide transparency in a company’s commercial information, so that sales and marketing could have conversations that would lead to achieving the desired results.


Starting in 2019 and based on the needs for international expansion, we began the transformation of SalesUp!® into Upnify®, an international, multi-product, and multilingual brand, conceived from the beginning to meet the evolving needs of our national and international markets.


Our products are currently used by over 4,000 active clients in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, and the United States, among other countries.


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