Cryolipolvsis+Cavitation+RF Machine

Combines Nubway Cryolipolysis, Cavitaiton and RF 3 technologies; the cryo slimming machine with 5 treatment handles for total body treatment, fat reduction, body sculpting and face lifting.


Triglycerides in human fat are transformed into solids at a low temperature of 5℃, die after crystallization and aging, and are excreted with metabolism, thus reducing the number of fat cells and achieving the effect of permanent slimming and body.


Specification of Crvolipolvsis+Cavitation+RF Machine






RF energy


Cavitation energy


Handpiece Screen

3.5 Inch

RF frequency


Cavitation frequency


Treatment handle

5units (Optional)

Touch screen size

12.1 Inch

Frozen head temperature


Cooling system

Semiconductor Cooling +water-cooling + air cooling


AC220V±10%, 50HZAC110V±10%, 60HZ


Benefits of Cryolipolvsis+Cavitation+RF Machine


Combining the three technologies of cryolipolysis, cavitation and RF into one.

Cooling System

The copper radiator and DC cooling fan ensure continuous operation of beijing nubway machine for 12 hours.


The system has two modes, automatic mode and manual mode, beauticians with or without experience can get started quickly.


The treatment process is comfortable and has no adverse feelings.



Non-invasive treatment, no special care required after treatment, no downtime, no risk.



One treatment can effectively reduce the waist circumference by 2-6cm.


Working Principle of Cryolipolvsis+Cavitation+RF Machine

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Cryolipolysis uses the triglycerides in human fat to transform into solid at a low temperature of 5℃, and the frozen energy is precisely controlled by the non-invasive frozen energy extraction device to be delivered to the designated lipolysis site to eliminate the fat cells in the designated site in a targeted manner. The body fat is gradually reduced through metabolism, thus achieving the body shaping effect of local lipolysis.


In addition, the ultrasonic frequency is used to destroy the fat cell wall, and the lymphatic system will absorb the destroyed fat cells and discharge them out of the body with the body’s metabolism to achieve the effect of slimming.


Technology of Cryolipolvsis+Cavitation+RF Machine

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 Based on Cryolipolysis, Cavitation and RF technology are integrated.


10.4-inch capacitive screen, high resolution, clear picture display, sensitive touch, multi-touch support, screen touch and smartphone as smooth.


Handle support frame using injection and oxidation spraying process, where the cup bottom bracket is made of soft silicone, one-piece molding, the support frame is made of pure aluminum, and the surface is treated by oxidation sandblasting to increase the surface texture.


Equipped with multiple flow meters, each handle has a separate corresponding flow meter to detect the water flow, to ensure that the water flow problems in each waterway will be alarmed. Ensure that the handle water circuit refrigeration system works normally.


Applications of Cryolipolvsis+Cavitation+RF Machine

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Cavitation handle is suitable for arm, leg and back fat reduction


RF body contouring handle for skin tightening after fat reduction


Double chin RF handle for double chin treatment and face lift


Hand A treatment area is the largest, it can be used to treat large areas such as abdomen and flank abdomen


Handle B can be used for areas such as the flank abdomen, back and thighs


Handle C can be used for treating small areas such as arms and thighs


Handle D can be used to treat double chin.