Cure Stroke with Meditation | Joel Michael Singer

Before coming on the topic let’s find out “What is a stroke ?”


A stroke occurs when the blood supply in the brain interrupts or reduces then without getting proper blood supply and nutrients the blood cell begins to die. So, Simply when your blood cells do not get the proper blood supply they begin to die. And That occurs Stroke.


There are several therapies available but what science strongly recommends to most of the patient is Meditation.


Yes! Science says yes to meditation to cure stroke


Meditation is a practice where an individual tries to focus his mind on a particular object. Basically, Meditation is a technique to improve focussing power.


In the Study, Two groups of stroke survivors participate one group included 20 minutes of meditation while another group didn’t.


After the months the group did meditation has improved their conditions while other groups didn’t.


Benefits of Meditation


– Meditation helps to improve blood circulation


– Meditation can also improve brain grey matter


What is the grey matter?


Grey matter is the part of the human brain area which is responsible for emotion, mental flexibility, and attention.


So, Meditation can helps you to improve grey matter in the brain.