Custom Automatic Rivet Service China

With the increase of stamping parts, the requirement of stamping production efficiency is higher and higher.  With the continuous development of die and stamping technology, many secondary processing processes originally carried out outside the stamping die are gradually introduced into the die, such as in-die tapping, in-die riveting, and so on. Orienson has accumulated certain experience in in-die riveting technology. Through sorting and feeding by vibrating plate, automatic riveting can be realized in the mold, which can shorten the production cycle, improve productivity and reduce cost.


What Is Automatic Riveting Process?


In-die Riveting


In-die riveting is a continuous working process in which the parts are automatically riveted while the hardware with an assembly hole is stamped and formed by a vibrating plate and automatic feeder. Of course, we can complete it with an automatic riveting machine. Here is the process.





(a) Clamp the workpiece


(b) Drill holes according to nailhead shape requirements


(c) Feed rivets


(d) Press riveting, the workpiece floats upward, forming nail head and pier head at the same time, and the workpiece is reset to the riveting plane after riveting


(e) Mill off the excess section of the countersunk head


(f) Loosen the clamp and prepare the next rivet for riveting


Benefits Of Automatic Riveting


1. Compared with the traditional connection completely relying on the welding process, the automatic riveting parts not only have good aesthetic results but also have higher strength and better consistency in the stress of the structure.  


2. Directly cancel the secondary processing of riveting process, save manpower as well as shorten the process to only complete in the production workshop of stamping plant.  


3. Greatly improved the production efficiency and reduced the cost.


Features Of Automatic Riveting

Using automatic riveting technology can assembly efficiency.


Reduce costs, improve working conditions, to ensure assembly quality.


The riveting process is stable without shaking.


The surface of the riveting parts is smooth and beautiful.


The riveting pressure, feed speed and riveting quantity can be adjusted to ensure the best effect.