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D Type Electromagnetic Solenoid Dosing Pump

In the past 20 years, the solenoid driven diaphragm metering pumps are the most popular and typical of NEWDOSE products, offer a wide selection of flow rate and pressure, 1~55Lph, 0.1~20Bar. This kind of electromagnetic diphragm dosing pump works powerfully, with high dosing accuracy, and stable. It’s convenient to operate and adjust the capacity according to the LED display and simplified buttons. Reasonable and flexible internal design makes customization realizable. We can provide solutions for you according to user demand and special working conditions to avoid the embarrassing modification of process design upon the unsuitability of the product.



Advantages and Features:

Stroke length adjustment

High efficiency delivery

Excellent compact structure

Optimized pump head structure

Ultra-low maintenance cost

Idling to be allowed

Simplify operation

Convenient to manage stocking



D Type Electromagnetic Solenoid Dosing Pump Overview

Flow rate: 0-55Lph

Maximum Pressure: 0-20Bar

Material of Pump Head: PP (anti-corrosion)

Optional Material: PVC, PTFE, SS316


Installation Kits:

Suction and delivery pipes

Three-piece connectors





FAQs About Solenoid Driven Diaphragm Metering Pumps

What’s the max capacity of the small solenoid metering pump?

The max flow rate is 55Lph when the pressure is very low, lower than 0.1Bar.


What’s the main usage of the sprayer?

The sprayer is used to connect the outlet pipe and the injection point, but only for the solenoid driven dosing pump. It can make the liquid be sprayed like mist and injected well-distributed. It should not be used as an isolating device or as a protection against siphonage.


How to change the diaphragm of solenoid dosing pump?

Remove the screws on the back of the pump which fixes the pump head.

Take down the pump head, and unscrew the diaphragm with a little strength.

Once the diaphragm is taken down, check if there any wear or damages on its surface.

Then change a new diaphragm to replace, and screw the pump head back to the pump, make sure the check valves is perpendicular to the ground.


Can the solenoid pump be dry running?

Newdose solenoid pump can be dry running less than 12 hours. Even though we suggest the customer install the warning equipment such as a level switch. Or the long-time dry running will ruin the pumps.