Decal Dinnerware

Decal dinnerware ranges from plates, cups and saucers, teapots, serving dishes and more, Amazing designed tableware collections and sets create the perfect canvas for any dining occasion.


Beautifully pattern on smooth fine china with perfected comfort, milky white color tones provides the host with sumptuous table settings perfect for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.


What is decal dinnerware?

Decal dinnerware refers to tableware made with the decal process, mainly bone china tableware and new bone china tableware. The decal process is the main way to achieve the custom design of bone china products, whether it is bone china cups, plates, or bowls, all are decal technology.


Applique, also known as water transfer applique, is a decorative process in which the design is first printed on a special paper pre-coated with water-soluble glue, then soaked in water and then transferred to the surface of the bone china product. The decal paper consists of 3 layers, the bottom of the paper (also known as the paper base), the middle layer of soluble glue, and the surface is covered with oil.



◆Eco-friendly – heat resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe.


◆Unique patterns-various styles of colors and patterns, stylish appearance, bright enamel.


◆Design customization-ODM and OEM available for unique designs, shapes, sizes and decals.


◆Easy to clean-Products with bright and smooth enamel surfaces are easy to clean.


◆Smooth and bright colors-After firing, the pattern is completely covered under the barrier glaze, which is smooth, safe and durable.



Decal dinnerware is a kind of retro-style tableware, not only tableware but also table decoration. Suitable for: star hotels, restaurants, airlines, banquet halls, buffets, cafes, bars, weddings, shopping malls, leisure places, casinos, public places, etc.