Deck/Plinth Lights At Saving Light Bulbs

The Deck/Plinth lights Saving-Light-Bulbs provides are prewired in packs of 10 and are ideal for decking, saunas, plinths and a host of other applications where a small LED accent light is needed. All of the deck/plinth lights are 22mm in diameter which is to be used in conjunction with 17mm holes. 12v DC operation is used with a 0.3W output per light, this means that they can be used with any 12v LED DC driver.

The lights themselves are IP65 rated which means they are suitable for wet and exterior applications which adhere to IP65 specifications. They are extremely versatile and popular because they are available in warm white, cool white and RGB colour temperatures. When using the RGB deck/plinth lights, a compatible controller is used which switches the lights to red, green, blue and through the different combinations as well.