Describe Image

You are given an image and asked to describe what you see in it. PTE Describe Image questions are based on how you see an image, but you have to only describe the essential aspects of that image, not its details. The describe image questions belong to the speaking section of the PTE test, part 1. In the exam, you get around 25 seconds to look at the image and think about your response, while 40 seconds are allotted for speaking. It requires you to speak about important facts and trends and provide an accurate summary of what you see in the image in four Describe image questions in the exam, and you have to answer them in detail. In order to get high scores in describe image questions, you need to follow a strategy we suggest, which is based on content, fluency, and pronunciation. HR strategy and templates take care of the PTE requirements, which include a good structure and most of the required content.

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