Do you know more about laser hair removal

Currently, the safest and most effective method of hair removal is recognised as medical grade laser hair removal machine. The laser targets melanin as a precise and selective target for hair removal treatment, safely and effectively removing hair. Bvlaser is a diode laser hair removal machine supplier, we have the best professional laser hair removal machine in clinics for sale.

Specific steps to take before laser hair removal treatment

1. Before laser hair removal, the area to be removed should be cleaned and disinfected.

2. Before laser hair removal, wrap a towel with ice and apply a cold compress to the hair removal area to reduce the pain. It is not advisable to apply too much force when removing hair as this will irritate the skin and increase the pain.

3. For patients with darker skin types III-V, sun exposure should be avoided as much as possible before treatment, preferably with sunscreen for 4-6 weeks, and those with a tendency to pigmentation can be prevented with hydroquinone drugs at the same time.

4. The skin must be prepared and the hair thoroughly shaved before laser treatment.

Comprehensive examination before laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is divided into physiological and pathological hair removal, and a comprehensive examination is required before treatment to determine whether hair removal is suitable. Usually laser hair removal is mainly for physiological hairy patients, such as young female patients with high aesthetic requirements, use laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair. The most effective laser hair removal machine uses laser energy to act on the skin, targeting the melanin at the root of the hair shaft, which absorbs the energy and transmits the heat to the periphery of the hair follicle, resulting in the destruction of the hair follicle and ultimately the removal of hair. Laser hair removal treatment is a non-invasive procedure and is not harmful if you choose a regular laser device and a professional doctor to operate it, with clear common sense care. If the treatment is not carried out according to the above requirements, red spots and blisters may occur after laser hair removal treatment.

How does laser hair removal work

Laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal, through the principle of thermodynamics, the choice of wavelength only acts on melanin and not on the normal tissue of the skin, the pulse width only acts on the melanin in the hair follicle, not on the melanin in the basal layer of the skin, laser hair removal can target the melanin for accurate and selective hair removal, after 3-5 times hair removal, it can achieve laser hair removal permanent.

What factors are related to the effect of laser hair removal

1. the thicker and darker the treatment area hair the better the effect, such as armpit hair, calf than lip hair effect is good.

2. treatment times: treatment times more effect is good, in general 5-10 times treatment effect is very significant.

3. skin colour: people with white skin colour can be treated with higher energy density, so that the effect will be better. People with more skin colour cannot be treated with high energy (easy to burn), so the treatment parameters will be more conservative compared to people with white skin, and the number of treatments needed will be more.

The doctor’s choice of hair removal equipment, including the wavelength of the laser, energy density, pulse width and spot selection and adjustment will all affect the treatment results.

Are there any adverse reactions to laser hair removal?

It is possible, but very rare indeed. For example, improper treatment parameters, individualised differences and other effects may cause burns, leading to hyperpigmentation (which on average fades on its own in about six months), and in a very small number of cases, allergic reactions, which can be treated and subside. Other adverse reactions are less common.