Dock Light is your one stop supplier for all loading bay equipment and accessories. Our innovate loading bay products will increase productivity, Dock Traffic Light, Wheel Alignment Guide.

About Company:- offer best in class loading bay docking solutions including dock buffers, dock bumpers and yard protection products / trailer landing plates. components enable significant reduction in maintenance and replacement costs by providing the best protection for your loading bays, vehicles and yard floors. innovative polymer components are specifically designed to prevent building and loading bay dock damage, reduce ongoing maintenance costs and increase performance at warehousing and distribution facilities. will not be beaten on price for like for like products, giving you piece of mind and quality assurance.

Our aim is to keep people safe and reduce operational risk. has a product range that has been specifically developed for the loading bay industry. 

Our product range can reduce maintenance costs, reduce replacement costs and reduce downtime giving you piece of mind to focus on core business. 

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