Does image optimization affect SEO? If yes, how?

Images always come as a treat to the eyes. Images can explain things in simpler ways and thereby help a person understand things better. Even when one is online, image work as cues thereby making it easier work to go through hectic things. Images can be subject to copyright issues, but those have loopholes which can be used to avoid problems in the long run.

Image optimization does affect SEO and can have amazing and drastic effects. Here are some of the positive effects of SEO:

1.   Making searches better: Optimization of images can end up having a huge impact. This is because Google image search results often bring up these pictures. Thereby the site gets available to a lot of people; the site attracts a lot of people. For this purpose, the images need to be optimized to the right size. There are certain algorithms that come into play when search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others show up results of different things. Thereby if one wants to want their picture to be seen as the most desirable one then image size needs to according to a few requirements. Not just for popping up first in searches but also for loading in a much lower time, the image size needs to be fixed. There is more discussion on this in the next point.


2.   Taking minimal time to load: Optimization fastens the process of loading images on websites thereby causing no harassment to the user. If a site takes a lot of time to load, it might end up having a bad impression on the person using it. Online users are not patient at all, everyone is in a hurry and a new statistical survey shows that the maximum time people usually wait for in not more than 30 seconds and the minimum being 3 seconds. Thereby if the site is slow and loads later, it will add up to loss of traffic. Here the image size plays a role too, hence images should be kept up to a certain size preferably under hundred kb and this will actually help.

3.   Appealing to the eyes: As mentioned earlier, images are usually added to make the website look even more attractive. Better resolution pictures attract a lot of crowd on the site. It’s a very common thing to see that sites having blogs with pictures have more reach over the internet than with ones which do not have.


4.   Keeping an eye on the click count: Now one must be wondering what click count is exactly. Well, this means that at any point of time on the internet, especially social media channels whenever a post or picture gets clicks that add up. And recent stats show that blogs with attractive images have a higher number of clicks than ones without it. Hence optimizing images can help increase the number of clicks per post as well.


These were a few good effects of optimization of images, other than these there are a few things that need to keep in mind. The image name needs to be optimized as well so that any kind of search results related to it have the image as a result and even the image alt text needs to write properly. Above all only JPEG, GIF and PNG file types can be used to upload images.

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