Drill Rod

TAIYE (The only material supplier of Atlas Copco (Zhangjiakou) in Sweden) can now produce all kinds of drilling rig spare parts and boring drilling rods for sale covering the fields of mining, vertical drilling, trenchless and anchoring. All precision drill rods have undergone strict inspection and ultrasonic flaw detection before leaving the factory to ensure product quality.


Drill pipe and casing specifications are φ50-φ273, and the materials used for drilling tools include 45#, R780, G105, S135 and various high-standard alloy materials. TAIYE offers DTH drill rods, precision ground drill rods, hardened and pre-hardened drill rods, stainless steel drill rods and there are still many other kinds of rock drill rods for sale.Click here for more info about the types of drill rods for sale.Drill Rod Size ChartSpecifications are for reference only, please refer to the communication results for actual requirements.Item Specification Manufacturing technique Connection

Diameter Length Thread Friction welding Box-to-pin

1 Φ32 1500~9000 Tr28 Friction welding Box-to-pin

2 Φ42 1500~9000 Tr33 Friction welding Box-to-pin

3 Φ50 1500~9000 Tr42 Friction welding Box-to-pin

4 Φ60 1500~9000 Tr50 Friction welding Box-to-pin

5 Φ76 1500~9000 Tr55 Friction welding Box-to-pin

6 Φ89 1500~9000 Tr75 Friction welding Box-to-pin

How Hard Is Drill Rod?The hardness of drilling rods for sale at TAIYE is amazing. Starting from the source, we have long-term cooperation with high-quality enterprises in the material industry such as Tianjin Pipe Group and Xining Special Steel Company to ensure the purity and stability of the raw materials; we have also developed the current domestic advanced channel-type automatic drill pipe quenching and tempering furnace, which is specially developed for the characteristics of small size, different lengths, high toughness of the rod body, and small radius of curvature of the trenchless drill pipe; in addition, TAIYE also holds a variety of general machining equipment with strong production capacity, which can guarantee the quality of drill pipe threads and drilling tools of various specifications.How To Harden Drill Rod?The drill pipe needs to ensure no cracks under the high load of irregular impact force. From the design stage, TAIYE has already considered the factors ensuring the long life of the drilling rods for sale during drilling operations under high torque and high pressure. Steel is the basis for ensuring the quality of drill pipes. The company attaches great importance to the control of purchased materials.  As the most critical process in the production of pre-hardened drill rods, the welding process can directly affect the failure rate and service life of drill rods. The company introduced the world’s top drill pipe and rod production line, replaced the traditional manual welding with fully automatic robot welding, and solidified the soft process with hardware equipment, which not only improved the welding quality, improved the quality consistency, but also doubled the welding efficiency.