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E-Commerce Logistics By E-commerce Platforms


With the low-speed growth of the global economy, the development of China’s foreign trade has entered a new normal stage of development. At the same time, the rapid development of ecommerce shipping and fulfillment in China not only promotes the growth of consumer demand and the upgrading of traditional industries but also improves the core competitiveness of enterprises. As an important branch of e-commerce, 3pl ecommerce fulfillment plays an important role in China’s foreign trade.


Types of EFD CARGO FBA Forwarding Service By Platforms


Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA international cargo shipping is a convenient solution for Amazon sellers who don’t want to waste time on transportation, logistics, and customer service. By passing the ball to Amazon FBA logistic partner for ecommerce, sellers have the opportunity to focus on other important aspects of their business.


3PL Shopify

Shopify FBA means sellers of shopify using Amazon’s delivery network to store and ship Shopify order products and sellers still need to make fulfillment by amazon fees. In addition, logistics-related expenses including packaging and distribution are needed as well.


Target 3PL

Target FBA e-commerce business has employees that ecommerce order fulfillment services picking and packing orders in the store, and transferring goods from the backend of the store to the sorting center multiple times per day. Target FBA uses the new technology to combine the packages to reach the community in the most effective way.

Ebay 3PL

Sellers from ebay can ship large quantities of goods to Amazon, but they need to declare their own customs and arrange the shipment by himself. Amazon will not be the consignee of imported goods or the final address for shipment from other countries. When the seller’s goods arrive, as long as Amazon believes that the product is eligible for delivery, the seller can ship the goods to other countries through Amazon.


Cross-Border E-Commerce Advantages

E-Commerce Logistics By E-commerce Platforms

Import And Export Proposals

Clearance Solution

Overseas Warehousing Service

Quickest Amazon Warehouse Reservation

The quickest Amazon warehouse reservation to ensure timely delivery of goods after customs clearance to avoid storage costs in the port area.



FBA Forwarding Service By Platforms FAQs

What’s the Meaning of Amazon Transfer Method?

FBA’s basic terms and conditions for sales orders on the other websites can use the ecommerce fulfillment pricing function. Ecommerce fulfillment pricingis an option in FBA. Mainly to deal with orders that are not sold on Amazon. These transactions may occur when visiting the seller’s website or buying something on E bay, shopify or target.


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