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New Solicitation

Financial plan Check

Quote Obtaining

Manager(s) Endorsement

Buy Request

Receipt of Products/Administrations

You can make buy request demand like a flash, document costs and fill in a movement demand request when you need. Our work process that permits directing in light of sum or jobs. You can likewise transfer receipts and other pertinent documentation.

Clients can arrange staggered, designated, or condition-based endorsement rules easily without assistance from IT. Rules can be gotten up positioned change naturally as your business changes.

Set and remain inside your arranged spending plans. Make/Import outline of records, and financial plan by divisions, or activities. Demanding out-of financial plan is kept away from.

All provider data, including accreditations, and relationship achievements and execution measurements is put away in one spot and available across the whole association. The information base is kept synchronized with Depository’s Focal Provider Data set.

See The Upgrades in Your Acquirement Cycle

Request, Travel and Cost Solicitations

You can make buy request demand in a flash, record costs and fill in a movement demand request when you need. In addition work process that permits steering in view of sum or jobs. Transfer receipts and other significant documentation.

State-of-the-art Provider Information base

All provider data, including certificates, and relationship achievements and execution measurements is put away in one spot and available across the whole association. The information base is kept synchronized with Depository’s Focal Provider Data set.

Complex Business Rules

Clients can design staggered, appointed, or condition-based endorsement rules easily without assistance from IT. Rules can be gotten up in a position change naturally as your business changes.

Spending plan Reconciliation

Set and remain inside your arranged spending plans. Make/Import diagram of records, and spending plan by divisions, or tasks. Demanding out-of spending plan is stayed away from

Self Help

With extraordinary username and secret key, workers can sign in into the framework, place demand and directors can support demands depending on the situation.


We comprehend that the client could have some extra requirements not as of now tended to by the framework. Let us know your prerequisites and we will assemble them in.

Robotized Statement obtaining

as a point

Contract reconciliation

Work process driven

Contract The executives

Best HR Programming Improvement Organization in South Africa.

The reason for contract the board is to guarantee that all gatherings to the agreement completely meet their separate commitments as productively and actually as could really be expected, conveying the business and functional results expected from the agreement and offering some incentive for cash.

The present in-house groups are confronted with many difficulties, including overseeing and regulating a continually expanding measure of lawful data, especially in the space of agreements. In the event that partners don’t have a strong handle of what is involved, they can burn through a lot of time and endeavors without obtain any great outcomes. Moreover, partners come from various specialty units – Legitimate, Money, Acquirement – and every one of these should be in total agreement concerning the agreement.

See The Upgrades in Your Agreement The executives

On-Time Recharges

All members including provider get notices well ahead of key achievement dates, and empower proactive commitment.

Amplify Contracting Potential

You can build your group proficiency and throughput with: Pre-endorsed Agreements, Standard understanding layouts, Standard and Robotized Errands and Cautions, Coordinated installment approval against contracted terms and substantially more.

Complete Perceivability

Initially, get educated on the status regarding all agreements and remain connected all through the agreement cycle with mechanized cautions, and planned assignments.

Acquire Noteworthy Bits of knowledge

Acquire understanding you really want to smooth out functional handling and further develop contract execution results. How long is the cycle from contract commencement to signature? Which are the most productive agreements?


Welcome numerous members. All partners included throuhgout the lifecycle of the agreement are kept educated and locked in. Not a solitary individual is left in obscurity.

Quick Profit from Speculation (return for capital invested)

The framework can be conveyed in no time, and by exploiting our cloud sending, no extra expense is caused in foundation.

Resource and Stock Administration

What do I claim?

Where could it be?

What is its condition?

What is its valuable life?

What is its worth?

Resource The executives is a coordinated way to deal with checking, working, keeping up with, redesigning and discarding resources cost-really, while keeping an ideal degree of administration.

Organizations are confronting a bunch of difficulties concerning resource the board including:

 Deciding the best chance to restore, fix or supplant maturing resources

 Decreasing assets, both monetary and human resources

 Rising help assumptions for clients

 Expanding rigid administrative prerequisites

 Answering crises because of resource disappointments

 Safeguarding loss of resources

We assist you with taking care of these issues.

Resource The board Framework Elements

Computerized Stock Taking

Remove The Manual Work From Your Stock Carving out opportunity To Do Thing That Assist Your Business With flourishing

Limitless Resources in Limitless Areas

Monitor Any Resource, Anyplace Unbounded So None Of Your Resource Go Unmanaged

Track Resources By Representative, Office or Area

Know Who In Business Is Utilizing Stock So You Can Plan Your Assets As needs be


Custom Reports

Have Your Reports In Way That is Tailor Made For Your Business On the grounds that Not All Organizations Are Something similar – Yours Included

View Resources Due for Upkeep

Know When You Really want To Keep up with Your Resource So You’re Not Stuck Losing Cash On the grounds that Your Resources Aren’t In Benefit Making Condition

Coordinate with Development

Utilize Our Product Next to each other With Development ERP Giving You More Command Over Your Resources

Stock Administration Framework Elements

Your stock is perhaps of the main thing in your business. Without it your business wouldn’t flourish. So you know that it is so critical to ensure your stock very much made due. All around oversaw stock means benefits for your business – We assist you with dealing with your stock so your business can do what compels it flourish.

Screen Your Low Stock

Presently You’ll Know While You’re Running Unavailable So You Won’t Getting Any Astonishments That will Cost You Cash


Stock Use by Worker or Division

Have Perceivability On Who In Your Business is Utilizing Stock So You Can Plan Likewise


Stock Development Following

Track Where You’re Stock Is Consistently That Way You Can Have Assurance That It’s In The Right Hands Doing How It Should Respond


Restocking Updates

Be Reminded To Buy You’re Stock So You Generally Have It Accessible When You Want It

Numerous Stores and Distribution centers

Direct The entirety of Your Stock In The entirety of Your Areas With A Couple of Snaps Of A Button

Coordinate with Advancement

Utilize Our Product Next to each other With Advancement ERP Giving You More Command Over Your Stock

HR : Worker The executives

Worker The executives

 Fast inquiry and rundown representatives

 Representative Commemoration

 Representative Commemoration

 Representative Birthday celebrations

 Representative/The board criticism

 Fast survey

 Staff acknowledgment and Prizes

 Worker registry with nitty gritty profiles

Creditor liabilities programming

Leave The board


  Endorsement work process

  Exact and precise data


  Leave strategy mindfulness

  Upholds consistence with leave strategy

  Perceivability of worker nonappearance



E-enrollment helps corporate to smooth out their enrollment cycle:

  Work The executives

  Continue search and pursuit of employment by area, experience, abilities and capability

  Interview Scheduler/Correspondence The board ( Email/SMS)

  Constant reports and investigation

  Screen competitors

  55% decrease so as to fill

  35% decrease in enrollment organization

Participation/Clock-In Administration

Track, make due, and control representative time and participation all the more effectively to authorize work and pay rules and discipline. Highlights:

  Fast get started/out

  Geological limitation

  Updates/Cautions to start working

  Numerous get started/out in a day

Timesheet The executives

Timesheets are utilized to record how much time a representative has spent on a task for a characterized time frame period. Wemasoft E-Timesheet highlights include:

  Endorsement work processes

  Make and deal with numerous timesheets

  Work on fruition

  Course through your close down process

  Get more from your information

  Oblige ordinary, additional time, and night shift

  Catch mileage covered and odometer perusing

  Resource and Travel Rates

  Catch cost claims and slips


Meeting The board

Wemasoft Meeting Supervisor is a strong cloud-based gathering the executives framework that limits time spent while expanding the efficiency of each and every gathering. It is intended to drive responsibility, smooth out gathering systems and adjust the executives objectives. Highlights:

  Make plans and objectives

  Connect documents

  Take notes during the gathering,

  Make and dole out errands/things to do,

  Send follow up data

Record the board

  Speedy archive search

  Effectively make, store, the board and circulate electronic records

  Unified archive the board

  Control who approaches reports

  Variant control


  Reuse receptacle

Execution The executives (PMP)/Evaluation

  360 representative evaluation

  Assess Occupation result/goal, objectives and profession improvement

  Rate worker execution per KPI on size of 1 to 5

  Look at execution over past audits

  Distinguish execution improvement regions

  Permit self evaluation, distributed, and various administrator appraisal

SETA E-Learning

Wemasoft E-Learning

Wemasoft E-Learning Programming is the South Africa’s most confided in learning the board framework. Our E-Learning framework is grown uniquely to address SETA and QCTO comp


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