• $1,785.26

E100 Adaptive Coordinated Traffic Light Controller

Features and Advantages

  • BRT control (optional)

  • VIP vehicle priority traffic control                   

  • Manual phase stepping control                    

  • Pedestrian crossing trigger control

  • Centralized coordinate control by the command center 

  • Multi – periods of fixed  time  control

  • Self – adaptive arterial and area coordinate control 

  • Off-line arterial and area coordinate control

  • Wireless coordinate control via an optional GPS module 

  • Single point self-adaptive control

  • Actuated/semi-actuated control                                

  • Traffic data acquisition and analysis                          

  • Malfunction detection and alarm                            

  • Yellow flashing and all red modes                                     

  • Over-voltage protection

  • Door-opening alarm

  • Mobile terminal operation (optional mobile phone or pad)