ECBA Passing Score process to IT development

ECBA Passing Score while I was in school. I eventually understood that this old man wanted me to fail and he was negatively influencing the rest of the team with his cynical attitude. With a growing number of unsatisfied customers and limited production, this was taking a toll on my sales. I was in trouble! “What can I do? Oh! I have an idea!” I thought, “I’ll be here everyday after school and stand here to make sure they are doing the job!” As soon as I saw the customer walk into the store I turned to “Don Lupe” and said, “Quick! The customer is here! Is the job ready?” Totally unconcerned, the old man looked at me with a cynical smile and said, “Oh no! This is a very difficult job! It’s taking much-much longer than expected. Better tell the customer to come back later.” I couldn’t contain my anger! I was a college student and managing my new business. Two other small ventures had failed before this one. Failure was not an option for this tiny clothing alterations shop. Missing a delivery was a huge customer service problem, and the grumpy old man didn’t care! It is possible to appear for ECBA by reading the BABOK. The issue is how comfortable will you be in understanding the BABOK concepts without formal training . The concepts are complex and ranges from strategy ,business process to IT development . Even seasoned BA find understanding the concepts difficult This


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